watchOS 6 Beta Suggests New Ceramic, Titanium Apple Watch Models

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Apple is widely expected to reveal the Apple Watch Series 5 next month alongside the iPhone 11 line-up. Although there haven’t been as many Apple Watch rumors as there have been claims about the iPhone 11, we have seen a few reports every so often. Now we’re hearing that the code in the latest watchOS 6 beta suggests there could be new ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models coming this year.

iHelp BR spotted the references to the ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models in the latest version of the watchOS 6 beta. The Portuguese-language website showed animations from the beta which reference the two new case materials in both the 40mm and 44mm sizes. The animations are used to set up a new Apple Watch.

There has never been a titanium Apple Watch in either size. Although there were some ceramic models in previous models, the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 doesn’t come in ceramic. The Series 4 also brought an increase in case sizes from 38mm to 40mm and from 42mm to 44mm, so ceramic models were never made in those sizes. Thus, these two animations suggest Apple is planning two new case materials in both sizes.

It’s unclear from the animation whether the ceramic and titanium Apple Watch models will simply be added to the Series 4 line-up or whether they will be coming as part of the Series 5. It depends entirely on whether Apple actually is working on a Series 5 line-up for launch soon. iHelp BR adds that the new animations were included in the Series 4 files within the watchOS 6 beta, so it’s possible Apple isn’t even working on new watches this year.

Perhaps one reason we haven’t heard many solid leaks about the Apple Watch Series 5 is because it might not be arriving this year. Much of what we have heard pertains to watchOS 6, which is making the device more independent of the iPhone. It seems like most are assuming that this means there will be a Series 5 line-up this year, but that is by no means guaranteed.

We expect to hear more about the new Apple Watch models when the iPhone 11 is revealed, possibly on Sept. 10 with a launch date on Sept. 20.

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